Brooklyn Nine-Nine (99)
8 seasons - 140 episodes

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (99)

21m, Returning Series
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (99)

S01-E01 Chapter 1 Pilot

The Tagger

S01-E02 Chapter 2 The Tagger

The Slump

S01-E03 Chapter 3 The Slump

M.E. Time

S01-E04 Chapter 4 M.E. Time

The Vulture

S01-E05 Chapter 5 The Vulture


S01-E06 Chapter 6 Halloween

48 Hours

S01-E07 Chapter 7 48 Hours

Old School

S01-E08 Chapter 8 Old School

Sal's Pizza

S01-E09 Chapter 9 Sal's Pizza


S01-E10 Chapter 10 Thanksgiving


S01-E11 Chapter 11 Christmas

Pontiac Bandit

S01-E12 Chapter 12 Pontiac Bandit

The Bet

S01-E13 Chapter 13 The Bet

The Ebony Falcon

S01-E14 Chapter 14 The Ebony Falcon

Operation: Broken Feather

S01-E15 Chapter 15 Operation: Broken Feather

The Party

S01-E16 Chapter 16 The Party

Full Boyle

S01-E17 Chapter 17 Full Boyle

The Apartment

S01-E18 Chapter 18 The Apartment

Tactical Village

S01-E19 Chapter 19 Tactical Village

Fancy Brudgom

S01-E20 Chapter 20 Fancy Brudgom


S01-E21 Chapter 21 Unsolvable

Charges and Specs

S01-E22 Chapter 22 Charges and Specs


S02-E01 Chapter 1 Undercover

Chocolate Milk

S02-E02 Chapter 2 Chocolate Milk

The Jimmy Jab Games

S02-E03 Chapter 3 The Jimmy Jab Games

Halloween II

S02-E04 Chapter 4 Halloween II

The Mole

S02-E05 Chapter 5 The Mole

Jake and Sophia

S02-E06 Chapter 6 Jake and Sophia


S02-E07 Chapter 7 Lockdown


S02-E08 Chapter 8 USPIS

The Road Trip

S02-E09 Chapter 9 The Road Trip

The Pontiac Bandit Returns

S02-E10 Chapter 10 The Pontiac Bandit Returns


S02-E11 Chapter 11 Stakeout

Beach House

S02-E12 Chapter 12 Beach House


S02-E13 Chapter 13 Payback

Defense Rests

S02-E14 Chapter 14 Defense Rests

Windbreaker City

S02-E15 Chapter 15 Windbreaker City

The Wednesday Incident

S02-E16 Chapter 16 The Wednesday Incident

Boyle-Linetti Wedding

S02-E17 Chapter 17 Boyle-Linetti Wedding

Captain Peralta

S02-E18 Chapter 18 Captain Peralta


S02-E19 Chapter 19 Sabotage


S02-E20 Chapter 20 AC/DC

Det. Dave Majors

S02-E21 Chapter 21 Det. Dave Majors

The Chopper

S02-E22 Chapter 22 The Chopper

Johnny and Dora

S02-E23 Chapter 23 Johnny and Dora

New Captain

S03-E01 Chapter 1 New Captain

The Funeral

S03-E02 Chapter 2 The Funeral

Boyle's Hunch

S03-E03 Chapter 3 Boyle's Hunch

The Oolong Slayer

S03-E04 Chapter 4 The Oolong Slayer

Halloween III

S03-E05 Chapter 5 Halloween III

Into the Woods

S03-E06 Chapter 6 Into the Woods

The Mattress

S03-E07 Chapter 7 The Mattress


S03-E08 Chapter 8 Ava

The Swedes

S03-E09 Chapter 9 The Swedes

Yippie Kayak

S03-E10 Chapter 10 Yippie Kayak

Hostage Situation

S03-E11 Chapter 11 Hostage Situation

9 Days

S03-E12 Chapter 12 9 Days

The Cruise

S03-E13 Chapter 13 The Cruise

Karen Peralta

S03-E14 Chapter 14 Karen Peralta

The 9-8

S03-E15 Chapter 15 The 9-8

House Mouses

S03-E16 Chapter 16 House Mouses

Adrian Pimento

S03-E17 Chapter 17 Adrian Pimento


S03-E18 Chapter 18 Cheddar

Terry Kitties

S03-E19 Chapter 19 Terry Kitties


S03-E20 Chapter 20 Paranoia

Maximum Security

S03-E21 Chapter 21 Maximum Security


S03-E22 Chapter 22 Bureau

Greg and Larry

S03-E23 Chapter 23 Greg and Larry

Coral Palms, Part 1

S04-E01 Chapter 1 Coral Palms, Part 1

Coral Palms, Part 2

S04-E02 Chapter 2 Coral Palms, Part 2

Coral Palms, Part 3

S04-E03 Chapter 3 Coral Palms, Part 3

The Night Shift (I)

S04-E04 Chapter 4 The Night Shift (I)

Halloween IV

S04-E05 Chapter 5 Halloween IV

Monster in the Closet

S04-E06 Chapter 6 Monster in the Closet

Mr. Santiago

S04-E07 Chapter 7 Mr. Santiago

Skyfire Cycle

S04-E08 Chapter 8 Skyfire Cycle

The Overmining

S04-E09 Chapter 9 The Overmining

Captain Latvia

S04-E10 Chapter 10 Captain Latvia

The Fugitive, Part 1

S04-E11 Chapter 11 The Fugitive, Part 1

The Fugitive, Part 2

S04-E12 Chapter 12 The Fugitive, Part 2

The Audit

S04-E13 Chapter 13 The Audit

Serve & Protect

S04-E14 Chapter 14 Serve & Protect

The Last Ride

S04-E15 Chapter 15 The Last Ride

Moo Moo

S04-E16 Chapter 16 Moo Moo


S04-E17 Chapter 17 Cop-Con

Chasing Amy

S04-E18 Chapter 18 Chasing Amy

Your Honor

S04-E19 Chapter 19 Your Honor

The Slaughterhouse

S04-E20 Chapter 20 The Slaughterhouse

The Bank Job

S04-E21 Chapter 21 The Bank Job

Crime & Punishment

S04-E22 Chapter 22 Crime & Punishment

The Big House Pt.1

S05-E01 Chapter 1 The Big House Pt.1

The Big House Pt.2

S05-E02 Chapter 2 The Big House Pt.2


S05-E03 Chapter 3 Kicks


S05-E04 Chapter 4 HalloVeen

Bad Beat

S05-E05 Chapter 5 Bad Beat

The Venue

S05-E06 Chapter 6 The Venue

Two Turkeys

S05-E07 Chapter 7 Two Turkeys

Return to Skyfire

S05-E08 Chapter 8 Return to Skyfire


S05-E09 Chapter 9 99

Game Night

S05-E10 Chapter 10 Game Night

The Favor

S05-E11 Chapter 11 The Favor

Safe House

S05-E12 Chapter 12 Safe House

The Negotiation

S05-E13 Chapter 13 The Negotiation

The Box

S05-E14 Chapter 14 The Box

The Puzzle Master

S05-E15 Chapter 15 The Puzzle Master


S05-E16 Chapter 16 NutriBoom


S05-E17 Chapter 17 DFW

Gray Star Mutual

S05-E18 Chapter 18 Gray Star Mutual

Bachelor/ette Party

S05-E19 Chapter 19 Bachelor/ette Party

Show Me Going

S05-E20 Chapter 20 Show Me Going

White Whale

S05-E21 Chapter 21 White Whale

Jake & Amy

S05-E22 Chapter 22 Jake & Amy


S06-E01 Chapter 1 Honeymoon

Hitchcock & Scully

S06-E02 Chapter 2 Hitchcock & Scully

The Tattler

S06-E03 Chapter 3 The Tattler

Four Movements

S06-E04 Chapter 4 Four Movements

A Tale of Two Bandits

S06-E05 Chapter 5 A Tale of Two Bandits

The Crime Scene

S06-E06 Chapter 6 The Crime Scene

The Honeypot

S06-E07 Chapter 7 The Honeypot

He Said, She Said

S06-E08 Chapter 8 He Said, She Said

The Golden Child

S06-E09 Chapter 9 The Golden Child


S06-E10 Chapter 10 Gintars

The Therapist

S06-E11 Chapter 11 The Therapist


S06-E12 Chapter 12 Casecation

The Bimbo

S06-E13 Chapter 13 The Bimbo

Ticking Clocks

S06-E14 Chapter 14 Ticking Clocks

Return of the King

S06-E15 Chapter 15 Return of the King

Cinco de Mayo

S06-E16 Chapter 16 Cinco de Mayo

Sicko (1)

S06-E17 Chapter 17 Sicko (1)

Suicide Squad (2)

S06-E18 Chapter 18 Suicide Squad (2)

The Good Ones

S08-E01 Chapter 1 The Good Ones

The Lake House

S08-E02 Chapter 2 The Lake House

Blue Flu

S08-E03 Chapter 3 Blue Flu


S08-E04 Chapter 4 Balancing

PB & J

S08-E05 Chapter 5 PB & J

The Set Up

S08-E06 Chapter 6 The Set Up

Game of Boyles

S08-E07 Chapter 7 Game of Boyles


S08-E08 Chapter 8 Renewal

The Last Day

S08-E09 Chapter 9 The Last Day