5 seasons - 24 episodes

The Big Bang Theory

22m, Ended

S01-E01 Chapter 1 Pilot

The Big Bran Hypothesis

S01-E02 Chapter 2 The Big Bran Hypothesis

The Fuzzy Boots Corollary

S01-E03 Chapter 3 The Fuzzy Boots Corollary

The Luminous Fish Effect

S01-E04 Chapter 4 The Luminous Fish Effect

The Hamburger Postulate

S01-E05 Chapter 5 The Hamburger Postulate

The Middle-Earth Paradigm

S01-E06 Chapter 6 The Middle-Earth Paradigm

The Dumpling Paradox

S01-E07 Chapter 7 The Dumpling Paradox

The Grasshopper Experiment

S01-E08 Chapter 8 The Grasshopper Experiment

The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization

S01-E09 Chapter 9 The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization

The Loobenfeld Decay

S01-E10 Chapter 10 The Loobenfeld Decay

The Pancake Batter Anomaly

S01-E11 Chapter 11 The Pancake Batter Anomaly

The Jerusalem Duality

S01-E12 Chapter 12 The Jerusalem Duality

The Bat Jar Conjecture

S01-E13 Chapter 13 The Bat Jar Conjecture

The Nerdvana Annihilation

S01-E14 Chapter 14 The Nerdvana Annihilation

The Pork Chop Indeterminacy

S01-E15 Chapter 15 The Pork Chop Indeterminacy

The Peanut Reaction

S01-E16 Chapter 16 The Peanut Reaction

The Tangerine Factor

S01-E17 Chapter 17 The Tangerine Factor

The Bad Fish Paradigm

S02-E01 Chapter 1 The Bad Fish Paradigm

The Codpiece Topology

S02-E02 Chapter 2 The Codpiece Topology

The Barbarian Sublimation

S02-E03 Chapter 3 The Barbarian Sublimation

The Griffin Equivalency

S02-E04 Chapter 4 The Griffin Equivalency

The Euclid Alternative

S02-E05 Chapter 5 The Euclid Alternative

The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem

S02-E06 Chapter 6 The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem

The Panty Piñata Polarization

S02-E07 Chapter 7 The Panty Piñata Polarization

The Lizard-Spock Expansion

S02-E08 Chapter 8 The Lizard-Spock Expansion

The White Asparagus Triangulation

S02-E09 Chapter 9 The White Asparagus Triangulation

The Vartabedian Conundrum

S02-E10 Chapter 10 The Vartabedian Conundrum

The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

S02-E11 Chapter 11 The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

The Killer Robot Instability

S02-E12 Chapter 12 The Killer Robot Instability

The Friendship Algorithm

S02-E13 Chapter 13 The Friendship Algorithm

The Financial Permeability

S02-E14 Chapter 14 The Financial Permeability

The Maternal Capacitance

S02-E15 Chapter 15 The Maternal Capacitance

The Cushion Saturation

S02-E16 Chapter 16 The Cushion Saturation

The Terminator Decoupling

S02-E17 Chapter 17 The Terminator Decoupling

The Work Song Nanocluster

S02-E18 Chapter 18 The Work Song Nanocluster

The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition

S02-E19 Chapter 19 The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition

The Hofstadter Isotope

S02-E20 Chapter 20 The Hofstadter Isotope

The Vegas Renormalization

S02-E21 Chapter 21 The Vegas Renormalization

The Classified Materials Turbulence

S02-E22 Chapter 22 The Classified Materials Turbulence

The Monopolar Expedition

S02-E23 Chapter 23 The Monopolar Expedition

The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation

S03-E01 Chapter 1 The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation

The Jiminy Conjecture

S03-E02 Chapter 2 The Jiminy Conjecture

The Gothowitz Deviation

S03-E03 Chapter 3 The Gothowitz Deviation

The Pirate Solution

S03-E04 Chapter 4 The Pirate Solution

The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary

S03-E05 Chapter 5 The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary

The Cornhusker Vortex

S03-E06 Chapter 6 The Cornhusker Vortex

The Guitarist Amplification

S03-E07 Chapter 7 The Guitarist Amplification

The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

S03-E08 Chapter 8 The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

The Vengeance Formulation

S03-E09 Chapter 9 The Vengeance Formulation

The Gorilla Experiment

S03-E10 Chapter 10 The Gorilla Experiment

The Maternal Congruence

S03-E11 Chapter 11 The Maternal Congruence

The Psychic Vortex

S03-E12 Chapter 12 The Psychic Vortex

The Bozeman Reaction

S03-E13 Chapter 13 The Bozeman Reaction

The Einstein Approximation

S03-E14 Chapter 14 The Einstein Approximation

The Large Hadron Collision

S03-E15 Chapter 15 The Large Hadron Collision

The Excelsior Acquisition

S03-E16 Chapter 16 The Excelsior Acquisition

The Precious Fragmentation

S03-E17 Chapter 17 The Precious Fragmentation

The Pants Alternative

S03-E18 Chapter 18 The Pants Alternative

The Wheaton Recurrence

S03-E19 Chapter 19 The Wheaton Recurrence

The Spaghetti Catalyst

S03-E20 Chapter 20 The Spaghetti Catalyst

The Plimpton Stimulation

S03-E21 Chapter 21 The Plimpton Stimulation

The Staircase Implementation

S03-E22 Chapter 22 The Staircase Implementation

The Lunar Excitation

S03-E23 Chapter 23 The Lunar Excitation

The Robotic Manipulation

S04-E01 Chapter 1 The Robotic Manipulation

The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification

S04-E02 Chapter 2 The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification

The Zazzy Substitution

S04-E03 Chapter 3 The Zazzy Substitution

The Hot Troll Deviation

S04-E04 Chapter 4 The Hot Troll Deviation

The Desperation Emanation

S04-E05 Chapter 5 The Desperation Emanation

The Irish Pub Formulation

S04-E06 Chapter 6 The Irish Pub Formulation

The Apology Insufficiency

S04-E07 Chapter 7 The Apology Insufficiency

The 21-second Excitation

S04-E08 Chapter 8 The 21-second Excitation

The Boyfriend Complexity

S04-E09 Chapter 9 The Boyfriend Complexity

The Alien Parasite Hypothesis

S04-E10 Chapter 10 The Alien Parasite Hypothesis

The Justice League Recombination

S04-E11 Chapter 11 The Justice League Recombination

The Bus Pants Utilization

S04-E12 Chapter 12 The Bus Pants Utilization

The Love Car Displacement

S04-E13 Chapter 13 The Love Car Displacement

The Thespian Catalyst

S04-E14 Chapter 14 The Thespian Catalyst

The Benefactor Factor

S04-E15 Chapter 15 The Benefactor Factor

The Cohabitation Formulation

S04-E16 Chapter 16 The Cohabitation Formulation

The Toast Derivation

S04-E17 Chapter 17 The Toast Derivation

The Prestidigitation Approximation

S04-E18 Chapter 18 The Prestidigitation Approximation

The Zarnecki Incursion

S04-E19 Chapter 19 The Zarnecki Incursion

The Herb Garden Germination

S04-E20 Chapter 20 The Herb Garden Germination

The Agreement Dissection

S04-E21 Chapter 21 The Agreement Dissection

The Wildebeest Implementation

S04-E22 Chapter 22 The Wildebeest Implementation

The Engagement Reaction

S04-E23 Chapter 23 The Engagement Reaction

The Roommate Transmogrification

S04-E24 Chapter 24 The Roommate Transmogrification

The Skank Reflex Analysis

S05-E01 Chapter 1 The Skank Reflex Analysis

The Infestation Hypothesis

S05-E02 Chapter 2 The Infestation Hypothesis

The Pulled Groin Extrapolation

S05-E03 Chapter 3 The Pulled Groin Extrapolation

The Wiggly Finger Catalyst

S05-E04 Chapter 4 The Wiggly Finger Catalyst

The Russian Rocket Reaction

S05-E05 Chapter 5 The Russian Rocket Reaction

The Rhinitis Revelation

S05-E06 Chapter 6 The Rhinitis Revelation

The Good Guy Fluctuation

S05-E07 Chapter 7 The Good Guy Fluctuation

The Isolation Permutation

S05-E08 Chapter 8 The Isolation Permutation

The Ornithophobia Diffusion

S05-E09 Chapter 9 The Ornithophobia Diffusion

The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition

S05-E10 Chapter 10 The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition

The Speckerman Recurrence

S05-E11 Chapter 11 The Speckerman Recurrence

The Shiny Trinket Maneuver

S05-E12 Chapter 12 The Shiny Trinket Maneuver

The Recombination Hypothesis

S05-E13 Chapter 13 The Recombination Hypothesis

The Beta Test Initiation

S05-E14 Chapter 14 The Beta Test Initiation

The Friendship Contraction

S05-E15 Chapter 15 The Friendship Contraction

The Vacation Solution

S05-E16 Chapter 16 The Vacation Solution

The Rothman Disintegration

S05-E17 Chapter 17 The Rothman Disintegration

The Werewolf Transformation

S05-E18 Chapter 18 The Werewolf Transformation

The Weekend Vortex

S05-E19 Chapter 19 The Weekend Vortex

The Transporter Malfunction

S05-E20 Chapter 20 The Transporter Malfunction

The Hawking Excitation

S05-E21 Chapter 21 The Hawking Excitation

The Stag Convergence

S05-E22 Chapter 22 The Stag Convergence

The Launch Acceleration

S05-E23 Chapter 23 The Launch Acceleration

The Countdown Reflection

S05-E24 Chapter 24 The Countdown Reflection

The Date Night Variable

S06-E01 Chapter 1 The Date Night Variable

The Decoupling Fluctuation

S06-E02 Chapter 2 The Decoupling Fluctuation

The Higgs Boson Observation

S06-E03 Chapter 3 The Higgs Boson Observation

The Re-Entry Minimization

S06-E04 Chapter 4 The Re-Entry Minimization

The Holographic Excitation

S06-E05 Chapter 5 The Holographic Excitation

The Extract Obliteration

S06-E06 Chapter 6 The Extract Obliteration

The Habitation Configuration

S06-E07 Chapter 7 The Habitation Configuration

The 43 Peculiarity

S06-E08 Chapter 8 The 43 Peculiarity

The Parking Spot Escalation

S06-E09 Chapter 9 The Parking Spot Escalation

The Fish Guts Displacement

S06-E10 Chapter 10 The Fish Guts Displacement

The Santa Simulation

S06-E11 Chapter 11 The Santa Simulation

The Egg Salad Equivalency

S06-E12 Chapter 12 The Egg Salad Equivalency

The Bakersfield Expedition

S06-E13 Chapter 13 The Bakersfield Expedition

The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

S06-E14 Chapter 14 The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

The Spoiler Alert Segmentation

S06-E15 Chapter 15 The Spoiler Alert Segmentation

The Tangible Affection Proof

S06-E16 Chapter 16 The Tangible Affection Proof

The Monster Isolation

S06-E17 Chapter 17 The Monster Isolation

The Contractual Obligation Implementation

S06-E18 Chapter 18 The Contractual Obligation Implementation

The Closet Reconfiguration

S06-E19 Chapter 19 The Closet Reconfiguration

The Tenure Turbulence

S06-E20 Chapter 20 The Tenure Turbulence

The Closure Alternative

S06-E21 Chapter 21 The Closure Alternative

The Proton Resurgence

S06-E22 Chapter 22 The Proton Resurgence

The Love Spell Potential

S06-E23 Chapter 23 The Love Spell Potential

The Bon Voyage Reaction

S06-E24 Chapter 24 The Bon Voyage Reaction

The Hofstadter Insufficiency

S07-E01 Chapter 1 The Hofstadter Insufficiency

The Deception Verification

S07-E02 Chapter 2 The Deception Verification

The Scavenger Vortex

S07-E03 Chapter 3 The Scavenger Vortex

The Raiders Minimization

S07-E04 Chapter 4 The Raiders Minimization

The Workplace Proximity

S07-E05 Chapter 5 The Workplace Proximity

The Romance Resonance

S07-E06 Chapter 6 The Romance Resonance

The Proton Displacement

S07-E07 Chapter 7 The Proton Displacement

The Itchy Brain Simulation

S07-E08 Chapter 8 The Itchy Brain Simulation

The Thanksgiving Decoupling

S07-E09 Chapter 9 The Thanksgiving Decoupling

The Discovery Dissipation

S07-E10 Chapter 10 The Discovery Dissipation

The Cooper Extraction

S07-E11 Chapter 11 The Cooper Extraction

The Hesitation Ramification

S07-E12 Chapter 12 The Hesitation Ramification

The Occupation Recalibration

S07-E13 Chapter 13 The Occupation Recalibration

The Convention Conundrum

S07-E14 Chapter 14 The Convention Conundrum

The Locomotive Manipulation

S07-E15 Chapter 15 The Locomotive Manipulation

The Table Polarization

S07-E16 Chapter 16 The Table Polarization

The Friendship Turbulence

S07-E17 Chapter 17 The Friendship Turbulence

The Mommy Observation

S07-E18 Chapter 18 The Mommy Observation

The Indecision Amalgamation

S07-E19 Chapter 19 The Indecision Amalgamation

The Relationship Diremption

S07-E20 Chapter 20 The Relationship Diremption

The Anything Can Happen Recurrence

S07-E21 Chapter 21 The Anything Can Happen Recurrence

The Proton Transmogrification

S07-E22 Chapter 22 The Proton Transmogrification

The Gorilla Dissolution

S07-E23 Chapter 23 The Gorilla Dissolution

The Status Quo Combustion

S07-E24 Chapter 24 The Status Quo Combustion

The Locomotion Interruption

S08-E01 Chapter 1 The Locomotion Interruption

The Junior Professor Solution

S08-E02 Chapter 2 The Junior Professor Solution

The First Pitch Insufficiency

S08-E03 Chapter 3 The First Pitch Insufficiency

The Hook-Up Reverberation

S08-E04 Chapter 4 The Hook-Up Reverberation

The Focus Attenuation

S08-E05 Chapter 5 The Focus Attenuation

The Expedition Approximation

S08-E06 Chapter 6 The Expedition Approximation

The Misinterpretation Agitation

S08-E07 Chapter 7 The Misinterpretation Agitation

The Prom Equivalency

S08-E08 Chapter 8 The Prom Equivalency

The Septum Deviation

S08-E09 Chapter 9 The Septum Deviation

The Champagne Reflection

S08-E10 Chapter 10 The Champagne Reflection

The Clean Room Infiltration

S08-E11 Chapter 11 The Clean Room Infiltration

The Space Probe Disintegration

S08-E12 Chapter 12 The Space Probe Disintegration

The Anxiety Optimization

S08-E13 Chapter 13 The Anxiety Optimization

The Troll Manifestation

S08-E14 Chapter 14 The Troll Manifestation

The Comic Book Store Regeneration

S08-E15 Chapter 15 The Comic Book Store Regeneration

The Intimacy Acceleration

S08-E16 Chapter 16 The Intimacy Acceleration

The Colonization Application

S08-E17 Chapter 17 The Colonization Application

The Leftover Thermalization

S08-E18 Chapter 18 The Leftover Thermalization

The Skywalker Incursion

S08-E19 Chapter 19 The Skywalker Incursion

The Fortification Implementation

S08-E20 Chapter 20 The Fortification Implementation

The Communication Deterioration

S08-E21 Chapter 21 The Communication Deterioration

The Graduation Transmission

S08-E22 Chapter 22 The Graduation Transmission

The Maternal Combustion

S08-E23 Chapter 23 The Maternal Combustion

The Commitment Determination

S08-E24 Chapter 24 The Commitment Determination

The Matrimonial Momentum

S09-E01 Chapter 1 The Matrimonial Momentum

The Separation Oscillation

S09-E02 Chapter 2 The Separation Oscillation

The Bachelor Party Corrosion

S09-E03 Chapter 3 The Bachelor Party Corrosion

The 2003 Approximation

S09-E04 Chapter 4 The 2003 Approximation

The Perspiration Implementation

S09-E05 Chapter 5 The Perspiration Implementation

The Helium Insufficiency

S09-E06 Chapter 6 The Helium Insufficiency

The Spock Resonance

S09-E07 Chapter 7 The Spock Resonance

The Mystery Date Observation

S09-E08 Chapter 8 The Mystery Date Observation

The Platonic Permutation

S09-E09 Chapter 9 The Platonic Permutation

The Earworm Reverberation

S09-E10 Chapter 10 The Earworm Reverberation

The Opening Night Excitation

S09-E11 Chapter 11 The Opening Night Excitation

The Sales Call Sublimation

S09-E12 Chapter 12 The Sales Call Sublimation

The Empathy Optimization

S09-E13 Chapter 13 The Empathy Optimization

The Meemaw Materialization

S09-E14 Chapter 14 The Meemaw Materialization

The Valentino Submergence

S09-E15 Chapter 15 The Valentino Submergence

The Positive Negative Reaction

S09-E16 Chapter 16 The Positive Negative Reaction

The Celebration Experimentation

S09-E17 Chapter 17 The Celebration Experimentation

The Application Deterioration

S09-E18 Chapter 18 The Application Deterioration

The Solder Excursion Diversion

S09-E19 Chapter 19 The Solder Excursion Diversion

The Big Bear Precipitation

S09-E20 Chapter 20 The Big Bear Precipitation

The Viewing Party Combustion

S09-E21 Chapter 21 The Viewing Party Combustion

The Fermentation Bifurcation

S09-E22 Chapter 22 The Fermentation Bifurcation

The Line Substitution Solution

S09-E23 Chapter 23 The Line Substitution Solution

The Convergence Convergence

S09-E24 Chapter 24 The Convergence Convergence

The Conjugal Conjecture

S10-E01 Chapter 1 The Conjugal Conjecture

The Military Miniaturization

S10-E02 Chapter 2 The Military Miniaturization

The Dependence Transcendence

S10-E03 Chapter 3 The Dependence Transcendence

The Cohabitation Experimentation

S10-E04 Chapter 4 The Cohabitation Experimentation

The Hot Tub Contamination

S10-E05 Chapter 5 The Hot Tub Contamination

The Fetal Kick Catalyst

S10-E06 Chapter 6 The Fetal Kick Catalyst

The Veracity Elasticity

S10-E07 Chapter 7 The Veracity Elasticity

The Brain Bowl Incubation

S10-E08 Chapter 8 The Brain Bowl Incubation

The Geology Elevation

S10-E09 Chapter 9 The Geology Elevation

The Property Division Collision

S10-E10 Chapter 10 The Property Division Collision

The Birthday Synchronicity

S10-E11 Chapter 11 The Birthday Synchronicity

The Holiday Summation

S10-E12 Chapter 12 The Holiday Summation

The Romance Recalibration

S10-E13 Chapter 13 The Romance Recalibration

The Emotion Detection Automation

S10-E14 Chapter 14 The Emotion Detection Automation

The Locomotion Reverberation

S10-E15 Chapter 15 The Locomotion Reverberation

The Allowance Evaporation

S10-E16 Chapter 16 The Allowance Evaporation

The Comic-Con Conundrum

S10-E17 Chapter 17 The Comic-Con Conundrum

The Escape Hatch Identification

S10-E18 Chapter 18 The Escape Hatch Identification

The Collaboration Fluctuation

S10-E19 Chapter 19 The Collaboration Fluctuation

The Recollection Dissipation

S10-E20 Chapter 20 The Recollection Dissipation

The Separation Agitation

S10-E21 Chapter 21 The Separation Agitation

The Cognition Regeneration

S10-E22 Chapter 22 The Cognition Regeneration

The Gyroscopic Collapse

S10-E23 Chapter 23 The Gyroscopic Collapse

The Long Distance Dissonance

S10-E24 Chapter 24 The Long Distance Dissonance

The Proposal Proposal

S11-E01 Chapter 1 The Proposal Proposal

The Retraction Reaction

S11-E02 Chapter 2 The Retraction Reaction

The Relaxation Integration

S11-E03 Chapter 3 The Relaxation Integration

The Explosion Implosion

S11-E04 Chapter 4 The Explosion Implosion

The Collaboration Contamination

S11-E05 Chapter 5 The Collaboration Contamination

The Proton Regeneration

S11-E06 Chapter 6 The Proton Regeneration

The Geology Methodology

S11-E07 Chapter 7 The Geology Methodology

The Tesla Recoil

S11-E08 Chapter 8 The Tesla Recoil

The Bitcoin Entanglement

S11-E09 Chapter 9 The Bitcoin Entanglement

The Confidence Erosion

S11-E10 Chapter 10 The Confidence Erosion

The Celebration Reverberation

S11-E11 Chapter 11 The Celebration Reverberation

The Matrimonial Metric

S11-E12 Chapter 12 The Matrimonial Metric

The Solo Oscillation

S11-E13 Chapter 13 The Solo Oscillation

The Separation Triangulation

S11-E14 Chapter 14 The Separation Triangulation

The Novelization Correlation

S11-E15 Chapter 15 The Novelization Correlation

The Neonatal Nomenclature

S11-E16 Chapter 16 The Neonatal Nomenclature

The Athenaeum Allocation

S11-E17 Chapter 17 The Athenaeum Allocation

The Gates Excitation

S11-E18 Chapter 18 The Gates Excitation

The Tenant Disassociation

S11-E19 Chapter 19 The Tenant Disassociation

The Reclusive Potential

S11-E20 Chapter 20 The Reclusive Potential

The Comet Polarization

S11-E21 Chapter 21 The Comet Polarization

The Monetary Insufficiency

S11-E22 Chapter 22 The Monetary Insufficiency

The Sibling Realignment

S11-E23 Chapter 23 The Sibling Realignment

The Bow Tie Asymmetry

S11-E24 Chapter 24 The Bow Tie Asymmetry

The Conjugal Configuration

S12-E01 Chapter 1 The Conjugal Configuration

The Wedding Gift Wormhole

S12-E02 Chapter 2 The Wedding Gift Wormhole

The Procreation Calculation

S12-E03 Chapter 3 The Procreation Calculation

The Tam Turbulence

S12-E04 Chapter 4 The Tam Turbulence

The Planetarium Collision

S12-E05 Chapter 5 The Planetarium Collision

The Imitation Perturbation

S12-E06 Chapter 6 The Imitation Perturbation

The Grant Allocation Derivation

S12-E07 Chapter 7 The Grant Allocation Derivation

The Consummation Deviation

S12-E08 Chapter 8 The Consummation Deviation

The Citation Negation

S12-E09 Chapter 9 The Citation Negation

The VCR Illumination

S12-E10 Chapter 10 The VCR Illumination

The Paintball Scattering

S12-E11 Chapter 11 The Paintball Scattering

The Propagation Proposition

S12-E12 Chapter 12 The Propagation Proposition

The Confirmation Polarization

S12-E13 Chapter 13 The Confirmation Polarization

The Meteorite Manifestation

S12-E14 Chapter 14 The Meteorite Manifestation

The Donation Oscillation

S12-E15 Chapter 15 The Donation Oscillation

The D & D Vortex

S12-E16 Chapter 16 The D & D Vortex

The Conference Valuation

S12-E17 Chapter 17 The Conference Valuation

The Laureate Accumulation

S12-E18 Chapter 18 The Laureate Accumulation

The Inspiration Deprivation

S12-E19 Chapter 19 The Inspiration Deprivation

The Decision Reverberation

S12-E20 Chapter 20 The Decision Reverberation

The Plagiarism Schism

S12-E21 Chapter 21 The Plagiarism Schism

The Maternal Conclusion

S12-E22 Chapter 22 The Maternal Conclusion

The Change Constant / The Stockholm Syndrome

S12-E23 Chapter 23 The Change Constant / The Stockholm Syndrome

Unraveling the Mystery: A Big Bang Farewell

S12-E24 Chapter 24 Unraveling the Mystery: A Big Bang Farewell