7 seasons - 52 episodes

SpongeBob SquarePants

Help Wanted

S01-E01 Chapter 1 Help Wanted

Reef Blower

S01-E02 Chapter 2 Reef Blower

Tea at the Treedome

S01-E03 Chapter 3 Tea at the Treedome


S01-E04 Chapter 4 Bubblestand

Ripped Pants

S01-E05 Chapter 5 Ripped Pants


S01-E06 Chapter 6 Jellyfishing


S01-E07 Chapter 7 Plankton!

Naughty Nautical Neighbors

S01-E08 Chapter 8 Naughty Nautical Neighbors

Boating School

S01-E09 Chapter 9 Boating School

Pizza Delivery

S01-E10 Chapter 10 Pizza Delivery

Home Sweet Pineapple

S01-E11 Chapter 11 Home Sweet Pineapple

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

S01-E12 Chapter 12 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy


S01-E13 Chapter 13 Pickles

Hall Monitor

S01-E14 Chapter 14 Hall Monitor

Jellyfish Jam

S01-E15 Chapter 15 Jellyfish Jam

Sandy's Rocket

S01-E16 Chapter 16 Sandy's Rocket

Squeaky Boots

S01-E17 Chapter 17 Squeaky Boots

Nature Pants

S01-E18 Chapter 18 Nature Pants

Opposite Day

S01-E19 Chapter 19 Opposite Day

Culture Shock

S01-E20 Chapter 20 Culture Shock


S01-E21 Chapter 21 F.U.N.

MuscleBob BuffPants

S01-E22 Chapter 22 MuscleBob BuffPants

Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost

S01-E23 Chapter 23 Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost

The Chaperone

S01-E24 Chapter 24 The Chaperone

Employee of the Month

S01-E25 Chapter 25 Employee of the Month

Scaredy Pants

S01-E26 Chapter 26 Scaredy Pants

I Was a Teenage Gary

S01-E27 Chapter 27 I Was a Teenage Gary


S01-E28 Chapter 28 SB-129

Karate Choppers

S01-E29 Chapter 29 Karate Choppers

Sleepy Time

S01-E30 Chapter 30 Sleepy Time


S01-E31 Chapter 31 Suds

Valentine's Day

S01-E32 Chapter 32 Valentine's Day

The Paper

S01-E33 Chapter 33 The Paper


S01-E34 Chapter 34 Arrgh!

Rock Bottom

S01-E35 Chapter 35 Rock Bottom


S01-E36 Chapter 36 Texas

Walking Small

S01-E37 Chapter 37 Walking Small

Fools in April

S01-E38 Chapter 38 Fools in April

Neptune's Spatula

S01-E39 Chapter 39 Neptune's Spatula


S01-E40 Chapter 40 Hooky

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II

S01-E41 Chapter 41 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II

Something Smells

S02-E01 Chapter 1 Something Smells

Bossy Boots

S02-E02 Chapter 2 Bossy Boots

Your Shoe's Untied

S02-E03 Chapter 3 Your Shoe's Untied

Squid's Day Off

S02-E04 Chapter 4 Squid's Day Off

Big Pink Loser

S02-E05 Chapter 5 Big Pink Loser

Bubble Buddy

S02-E06 Chapter 6 Bubble Buddy

Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy III

S02-E07 Chapter 7 Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy III

Squirrel Jokes

S02-E08 Chapter 8 Squirrel Jokes

Christmas Who?

S02-E09 Chapter 9 Christmas Who?

Dying for Pie

S02-E10 Chapter 10 Dying for Pie

Imitation Krabs

S02-E11 Chapter 11 Imitation Krabs


S02-E12 Chapter 12 Wormy

Patty Hype

S02-E13 Chapter 13 Patty Hype

Survival of the Idiots

S02-E14 Chapter 14 Survival of the Idiots


S02-E15 Chapter 15 Dumped

Grandma's Kisses

S02-E16 Chapter 16 Grandma's Kisses


S02-E17 Chapter 17 Squidville

No Free Rides

S02-E18 Chapter 18 No Free Rides

I'm Your Biggest Fanatic

S02-E19 Chapter 19 I'm Your Biggest Fanatic


S02-E20 Chapter 20 Pressure

The Smoking Peanut

S02-E21 Chapter 21 The Smoking Peanut


S02-E22 Chapter 22 Shanghaied

Prehibernation Week

S02-E23 Chapter 23 Prehibernation Week

Life of Crime

S02-E24 Chapter 24 Life of Crime

The Secret Box

S02-E25 Chapter 25 The Secret Box

Band Geeks

S02-E26 Chapter 26 Band Geeks

Sailor Mouth

S02-E27 Chapter 27 Sailor Mouth

Artist Unknown

S02-E28 Chapter 28 Artist Unknown

Jellyfish Hunter

S02-E29 Chapter 29 Jellyfish Hunter

The Fry Cook Games

S02-E30 Chapter 30 The Fry Cook Games

Just One Bite

S02-E31 Chapter 31 Just One Bite

The Bully

S02-E32 Chapter 32 The Bully

Squid on Strike

S02-E33 Chapter 33 Squid on Strike

Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm

S02-E34 Chapter 34 Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm


S02-E35 Chapter 35 Procrastination

I'm with Stupid

S02-E36 Chapter 36 I'm with Stupid

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV

S03-E01 Chapter 1 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV

Doing Time

S03-E02 Chapter 2 Doing Time

Welcome to the Chum Bucket

S03-E03 Chapter 3 Welcome to the Chum Bucket


S03-E04 Chapter 4 Frankendoodle

Snowball Effect

S03-E05 Chapter 5 Snowball Effect

One Krab's Trash

S03-E06 Chapter 6 One Krab's Trash

Nasty Patty

S03-E07 Chapter 7 Nasty Patty

Idiot Box

S03-E08 Chapter 8 Idiot Box

As Seen on TV

S03-E09 Chapter 9 As Seen on TV

Can You Spare a Dime?

S03-E10 Chapter 10 Can You Spare a Dime?

No Weenies Allowed

S03-E11 Chapter 11 No Weenies Allowed

Squilliam Returns

S03-E12 Chapter 12 Squilliam Returns

The Algae's Always Greener

S03-E13 Chapter 13 The Algae's Always Greener

SpongeGuard on Duty

S03-E14 Chapter 14 SpongeGuard on Duty

Krab Borg

S03-E15 Chapter 15 Krab Borg

Rock-a-Bye Bivalve

S03-E16 Chapter 16 Rock-a-Bye Bivalve

Wet Painters

S03-E17 Chapter 17 Wet Painters

Krusty Krab Training Video

S03-E18 Chapter 18 Krusty Krab Training Video

Party Pooper Pants

S03-E19 Chapter 19 Party Pooper Pants

Chocolate with Nuts

S03-E20 Chapter 20 Chocolate with Nuts

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V

S03-E21 Chapter 21 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V

Club SpongeBob

S03-E22 Chapter 22 Club SpongeBob

My Pretty Seahorse

S03-E23 Chapter 23 My Pretty Seahorse

Graveyard Shift

S03-E24 Chapter 24 Graveyard Shift

Krusty Love

S03-E25 Chapter 25 Krusty Love

New Student Starfish

S03-E26 Chapter 26 New Student Starfish


S03-E27 Chapter 27 Clams

The Great Snail Race

S03-E28 Chapter 28 The Great Snail Race

Mid-Life Crustacean

S03-E29 Chapter 29 Mid-Life Crustacean

The Sponge Who Could Fly

S03-E30 Chapter 30 The Sponge Who Could Fly

Gary Takes a Bath

S03-E31 Chapter 31 Gary Takes a Bath

Born Again Krabs

S03-E32 Chapter 32 Born Again Krabs

I Had an Accident

S03-E33 Chapter 33 I Had an Accident

Missing Identity

S03-E34 Chapter 34 Missing Identity

Plankton's Army

S03-E35 Chapter 35 Plankton's Army


S03-E36 Chapter 36 Ugh

Krabby Land

S03-E37 Chapter 37 Krabby Land

The Camping Episode

S03-E38 Chapter 38 The Camping Episode

SpongeBob Meets the Strangler

S03-E39 Chapter 39 SpongeBob Meets the Strangler

Pranks a Lot

S03-E40 Chapter 40 Pranks a Lot

Fear of a Krabby Patty

S04-E01 Chapter 1 Fear of a Krabby Patty

Shell of a Man

S04-E02 Chapter 2 Shell of a Man

The Lost Mattress

S04-E03 Chapter 3 The Lost Mattress

Krabs vs. Plankton

S04-E04 Chapter 4 Krabs vs. Plankton

Skill Crane

S04-E05 Chapter 5 Skill Crane

Good Neighbors

S04-E06 Chapter 6 Good Neighbors

Selling Out

S04-E07 Chapter 7 Selling Out

Funny Pants

S04-E08 Chapter 8 Funny Pants

Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VI - The Motion Picture

S04-E09 Chapter 9 Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VI - The Motion Picture

Enemy In-Law

S04-E10 Chapter 10 Enemy In-Law

Patrick SmartPants

S04-E11 Chapter 11 Patrick SmartPants

SquidBob TentaclePants

S04-E12 Chapter 12 SquidBob TentaclePants

Have You Seen This Snail?

S04-E13 Chapter 13 Have You Seen This Snail?

Dunces and Dragons

S04-E14 Chapter 14 Dunces and Dragons

Krusty Towers

S04-E15 Chapter 15 Krusty Towers

Mrs. Puff, You're Fired

S04-E16 Chapter 16 Mrs. Puff, You're Fired

Chimps Ahoy

S04-E17 Chapter 17 Chimps Ahoy

Ghost Host

S04-E18 Chapter 18 Ghost Host

Whale of a Birthday

S04-E19 Chapter 19 Whale of a Birthday

Karate Island

S04-E20 Chapter 20 Karate Island

All That Glitters

S04-E21 Chapter 21 All That Glitters

Wishing You Well

S04-E22 Chapter 22 Wishing You Well

New Leaf

S04-E23 Chapter 23 New Leaf

Once Bitten

S04-E24 Chapter 24 Once Bitten

Squidtastic Voyage

S04-E25 Chapter 25 Squidtastic Voyage

Bummer Vacation

S04-E26 Chapter 26 Bummer Vacation

Best Day Ever

S04-E27 Chapter 27 Best Day Ever


S04-E28 Chapter 28 Wigstruck

That's No Lady

S04-E29 Chapter 29 That's No Lady

The Thing

S04-E30 Chapter 30 The Thing

Hocus Pocus

S04-E31 Chapter 31 Hocus Pocus

Driven to Tears

S04-E32 Chapter 32 Driven to Tears

Rule of Dumb

S04-E33 Chapter 33 Rule of Dumb

The Pink Purloiner

S04-E34 Chapter 34 The Pink Purloiner

The Gift of Gum

S04-E35 Chapter 35 The Gift of Gum

Rise and Shine

S04-E36 Chapter 36 Rise and Shine


S04-E37 Chapter 37 Waiting

Sing a Song of Patrick

S04-E38 Chapter 38 Sing a Song of Patrick

Born to Be Wild

S04-E39 Chapter 39 Born to Be Wild

Best Frenemies

S04-E40 Chapter 40 Best Frenemies

Friend or Foe

S05-E01 Chapter 1 Friend or Foe

Spy Buddies

S05-E02 Chapter 2 Spy Buddies

Boat Smarts

S05-E03 Chapter 3 Boat Smarts

Good Ol' Whatshisname

S05-E04 Chapter 4 Good Ol' Whatshisname

The Krusty Sponge

S05-E05 Chapter 5 The Krusty Sponge

Squid Wood

S05-E06 Chapter 6 Squid Wood

New Digs

S05-E07 Chapter 7 New Digs

Krabs à la Mode

S05-E08 Chapter 8 Krabs à la Mode

To Love a Patty

S05-E09 Chapter 9 To Love a Patty

Breath of Fresh Squidward

S05-E10 Chapter 10 Breath of Fresh Squidward

Roller Cowards

S05-E11 Chapter 11 Roller Cowards

Bucket Sweet Bucket

S05-E12 Chapter 12 Bucket Sweet Bucket

The Original Fry Cook

S05-E13 Chapter 13 The Original Fry Cook

Night Light

S05-E14 Chapter 14 Night Light

Money Talks

S05-E15 Chapter 15 Money Talks

SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget

S05-E16 Chapter 16 SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget

Slimy Dancing

S05-E17 Chapter 17 Slimy Dancing

A Flea in Her Dome

S05-E18 Chapter 18 A Flea in Her Dome

The Donut of Shame

S05-E19 Chapter 19 The Donut of Shame

The Krusty Plate

S05-E20 Chapter 20 The Krusty Plate

Picture Day

S05-E21 Chapter 21 Picture Day

Pat No Pay

S05-E22 Chapter 22 Pat No Pay


S05-E23 Chapter 23 BlackJack

Blackened Sponge

S05-E24 Chapter 24 Blackened Sponge

Mermaid Man vs SpongeBob

S05-E25 Chapter 25 Mermaid Man vs SpongeBob

Le Big Switch

S05-E26 Chapter 26 Le Big Switch

Fungus Among Us

S05-E27 Chapter 27 Fungus Among Us

Atlantis SquarePantis

S05-E28 Chapter 28 Atlantis SquarePantis

The Inmates of Summer

S05-E29 Chapter 29 The Inmates of Summer

To Save a Squirrel

S05-E30 Chapter 30 To Save a Squirrel

20,000 Patties Under the Sea

S05-E31 Chapter 31 20,000 Patties Under the Sea

The Battle of Bikini Bottom

S05-E32 Chapter 32 The Battle of Bikini Bottom

The Two Faces of Squidward

S05-E33 Chapter 33 The Two Faces of Squidward


S05-E34 Chapter 34 SpongeHenge

Banned in Bikini Bottom

S05-E35 Chapter 35 Banned in Bikini Bottom

Stanley S. SquarePants

S05-E36 Chapter 36 Stanley S. SquarePants

Krabby Road

S06-E01 Chapter 1 Krabby Road

Not Normal

S06-E02 Chapter 2 Not Normal


S06-E03 Chapter 3 Gone

Suction Cup Symphony

S06-E04 Chapter 4 Suction Cup Symphony

Penny Foolish

S06-E05 Chapter 5 Penny Foolish

Nautical Novice

S06-E06 Chapter 6 Nautical Novice


S06-E07 Chapter 7 Spongicus

Pest of the West

S06-E08 Chapter 8 Pest of the West

The Splinter

S06-E09 Chapter 9 The Splinter

Giant Squidward

S06-E10 Chapter 10 Giant Squidward

A Life in a Day

S06-E11 Chapter 11 A Life in a Day

Sun Bleached

S06-E12 Chapter 12 Sun Bleached

House Fancy

S06-E13 Chapter 13 House Fancy

No Nose Knows

S06-E14 Chapter 14 No Nose Knows

Patty Caper

S06-E15 Chapter 15 Patty Caper

Plankton's Regular

S06-E16 Chapter 16 Plankton's Regular

Boating Buddies

S06-E17 Chapter 17 Boating Buddies

The Krabby Kronicle

S06-E18 Chapter 18 The Krabby Kronicle

What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?

S06-E19 Chapter 19 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?

The Slumber Party

S06-E20 Chapter 20 The Slumber Party

Grooming Gary

S06-E21 Chapter 21 Grooming Gary

Porous Pockets

S06-E22 Chapter 22 Porous Pockets

Krusty Krushers

S06-E23 Chapter 23 Krusty Krushers

The Card

S06-E24 Chapter 24 The Card

Dear Vikings

S06-E25 Chapter 25 Dear Vikings


S06-E26 Chapter 26 Ditchin'


S06-E27 Chapter 27 Shuffle-Boarding

Slide Whistle Stooges

S06-E28 Chapter 28 Slide Whistle Stooges

Cephalopod Lodge

S06-E29 Chapter 29 Cephalopod Lodge

Grandpappy the Pirate

S06-E30 Chapter 30 Grandpappy the Pirate

Professor Squidward

S06-E31 Chapter 31 Professor Squidward

Sand Castles in the Sand

S06-E32 Chapter 32 Sand Castles in the Sand

Toy Store of Doom

S06-E33 Chapter 33 Toy Store of Doom

Pet or Pests

S06-E34 Chapter 34 Pet or Pests

Komputer Overload

S06-E35 Chapter 35 Komputer Overload

Choir Boys

S06-E36 Chapter 36 Choir Boys

SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One

S06-E37 Chapter 37 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One

Shell Shocked

S06-E38 Chapter 38 Shell Shocked

Pineapple Fever

S06-E39 Chapter 39 Pineapple Fever

Single Cell Anniversary

S06-E40 Chapter 40 Single Cell Anniversary

Squid’s Visit

S06-E41 Chapter 41 Squid’s Visit

Gullible Pants

S06-E42 Chapter 42 Gullible Pants

To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants

S06-E43 Chapter 43 To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants

No Hat for Pat

S06-E44 Chapter 44 No Hat for Pat


S06-E45 Chapter 45 Overbooked

Chum Bucket Supreme

S06-E46 Chapter 46 Chum Bucket Supreme

Chum Caverns

S06-E47 Chapter 47 Chum Caverns


S07-E01 Chapter 1 Tentacle-Vision

I ♥ Dancing

S07-E02 Chapter 2 I ♥ Dancing

Growth Spout

S07-E03 Chapter 3 Growth Spout

Stuck in the Wringer

S07-E04 Chapter 4 Stuck in the Wringer

Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy

S07-E05 Chapter 5 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy

The Inside Job

S07-E06 Chapter 6 The Inside Job

Goo Goo Gas

S07-E07 Chapter 7 Goo Goo Gas

The Curse of Bikini Bottom

S07-E08 Chapter 8 The Curse of Bikini Bottom

Truth or Square

S07-E09 Chapter 9 Truth or Square

Model Sponge

S07-E10 Chapter 10 Model Sponge

Greasy Buffoons

S07-E11 Chapter 11 Greasy Buffoons

A Pal for Gary

S07-E12 Chapter 12 A Pal for Gary

Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

S07-E13 Chapter 13 Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

Gary in Love

S07-E14 Chapter 14 Gary in Love

Rodeo Daze

S07-E15 Chapter 15 Rodeo Daze

Back to the Past

S07-E16 Chapter 16 Back to the Past

The Bad Guy Club for Villains

S07-E17 Chapter 17 The Bad Guy Club for Villains

A Day Without Tears

S07-E18 Chapter 18 A Day Without Tears

Summer Job

S07-E19 Chapter 19 Summer Job

Squidward in Clarinetland

S07-E20 Chapter 20 Squidward in Clarinetland

One Coarse Meal

S07-E21 Chapter 21 One Coarse Meal

The Play's the Thing

S07-E22 Chapter 22 The Play's the Thing

SpongeBob's Last Stand

S07-E23 Chapter 23 SpongeBob's Last Stand

Enchanted Tiki Dreams

S07-E24 Chapter 24 Enchanted Tiki Dreams

The Clash of Triton

S07-E25 Chapter 25 The Clash of Triton

Gramma's Secret Recipe

S07-E26 Chapter 26 Gramma's Secret Recipe

The Cent of Money

S07-E27 Chapter 27 The Cent of Money

That Sinking Feeling

S07-E28 Chapter 28 That Sinking Feeling

Karate Star

S07-E29 Chapter 29 Karate Star

You Don’t Know Sponge

S07-E30 Chapter 30 You Don’t Know Sponge

Hide and Then What Happens?

S07-E31 Chapter 31 Hide and Then What Happens?

Yours, Mine and Mine

S07-E32 Chapter 32 Yours, Mine and Mine

Kracked Krabs

S07-E33 Chapter 33 Kracked Krabs

Buried in Time

S07-E34 Chapter 34 Buried in Time

Shellback Shenanigans

S07-E35 Chapter 35 Shellback Shenanigans

The Masterpiece

S07-E36 Chapter 36 The Masterpiece

Whelk Attack

S07-E37 Chapter 37 Whelk Attack

Krusty Dogs

S07-E38 Chapter 38 Krusty Dogs

The Wreck of the Mauna Loa

S07-E39 Chapter 39 The Wreck of the Mauna Loa

The Great Patty Caper

S07-E40 Chapter 40 The Great Patty Caper

The Abrasive Side

S07-E41 Chapter 41 The Abrasive Side


S07-E42 Chapter 42 Earworm

New Fish in Town

S07-E43 Chapter 43 New Fish in Town

Big Sister Sam

S07-E44 Chapter 44 Big Sister Sam


S07-E45 Chapter 45 Sponge-Cano!

The Main Drain

S07-E46 Chapter 46 The Main Drain

The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom

S07-E47 Chapter 47 The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom

Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle

S07-E48 Chapter 48 Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle

Trench Billies

S07-E49 Chapter 49 Trench Billies

Love That Squid

S07-E50 Chapter 50 Love That Squid

Tunnel of Glove

S07-E51 Chapter 51 Tunnel of Glove

Perfect Chemistry

S07-E52 Chapter 52 Perfect Chemistry

A Friendly Game

S08-E01 Chapter 1 A Friendly Game

Oral Report

S08-E02 Chapter 2 Oral Report

Sentimental Sponge

S08-E03 Chapter 3 Sentimental Sponge

Squidward's School for Grown Ups

S08-E04 Chapter 4 Squidward's School for Grown Ups

The Curse of the Hex

S08-E05 Chapter 5 The Curse of the Hex

The Hot Shot

S08-E06 Chapter 6 The Hot Shot

The Other Patty

S08-E07 Chapter 7 The Other Patty

Frozen Face-Off

S08-E08 Chapter 8 Frozen Face-Off

Accidents Will Happen

S08-E09 Chapter 9 Accidents Will Happen

Drive Thru

S08-E10 Chapter 10 Drive Thru

Sweet and Sour Squid

S08-E11 Chapter 11 Sweet and Sour Squid

The Googly Artiste

S08-E12 Chapter 12 The Googly Artiste

Barnacle Face

S08-E13 Chapter 13 Barnacle Face

Pet Sitter Pat

S08-E14 Chapter 14 Pet Sitter Pat

Mermaid Man Begins

S08-E15 Chapter 15 Mermaid Man Begins

Plankton's Good Eye

S08-E16 Chapter 16 Plankton's Good Eye

House Sittin' for Sandy

S08-E17 Chapter 17 House Sittin' for Sandy

Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom

S08-E18 Chapter 18 Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom

Ghoul Fools

S08-E19 Chapter 19 Ghoul Fools

Walking the Plankton

S08-E20 Chapter 20 Walking the Plankton

Patrick's Staycation

S08-E21 Chapter 21 Patrick's Staycation

Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation

S08-E22 Chapter 22 Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation


S08-E23 Chapter 23 Mooncation

A SquarePants Family Vacation

S08-E24 Chapter 24 A SquarePants Family Vacation

The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom

S08-E25 Chapter 25 The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom

Bubble Buddy Returns

S08-E26 Chapter 26 Bubble Buddy Returns

The Way of the Sponge

S08-E27 Chapter 27 The Way of the Sponge

Bubble Troubles

S08-E28 Chapter 28 Bubble Troubles

Are You Happy Now?

S08-E29 Chapter 29 Are You Happy Now?

Planet of the Jellyfish

S08-E30 Chapter 30 Planet of the Jellyfish

Restraining SpongeBob

S08-E31 Chapter 31 Restraining SpongeBob

Glove World R.I.P.

S08-E32 Chapter 32 Glove World R.I.P.

Home Sweet Rubble

S08-E33 Chapter 33 Home Sweet Rubble


S08-E34 Chapter 34 Fiasco!

Free Samples

S08-E35 Chapter 35 Free Samples


S08-E36 Chapter 36 InSPONGEiac


S08-E37 Chapter 37 Treats!


S08-E38 Chapter 38 Squiditis

For Here or to Go

S08-E39 Chapter 39 For Here or to Go

Karen 2.0

S08-E40 Chapter 40 Karen 2.0

Extreme Spots

S08-E41 Chapter 41 Extreme Spots

Squirrel Record

S08-E42 Chapter 42 Squirrel Record

Demolition Doofus

S08-E43 Chapter 43 Demolition Doofus

Face Freeze!

S08-E44 Chapter 44 Face Freeze!

The Good Krabby Name

S08-E45 Chapter 45 The Good Krabby Name

Squid Baby

S08-E46 Chapter 46 Squid Baby

License to Milkshake

S08-E47 Chapter 47 License to Milkshake

Hello Bikini Bottom!

S08-E48 Chapter 48 Hello Bikini Bottom!

Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up Is Go!

S08-E49 Chapter 49 Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up Is Go!

Gary's New Toy

S08-E50 Chapter 50 Gary's New Toy

Chum Fricassee

S08-E51 Chapter 51 Chum Fricassee

Move It or Lose It

S08-E52 Chapter 52 Move It or Lose It


S09-E01 Chapter 1 Patrick-Man!

Eek, an Urchin!

S09-E02 Chapter 2 Eek, an Urchin!

Bumper to Bumper

S09-E03 Chapter 3 Bumper to Bumper

It's a SpongeBob Christmas!

S09-E04 Chapter 4 It's a SpongeBob Christmas!

Squid Defense

S09-E05 Chapter 5 Squid Defense

Plankton’s Pet

S09-E06 Chapter 6 Plankton’s Pet

Little Yellow Book

S09-E07 Chapter 7 Little Yellow Book

Evil Spatula

S09-E08 Chapter 8 Evil Spatula


S09-E09 Chapter 9 Jailbreak!

Safe Deposit Krabs

S09-E10 Chapter 10 Safe Deposit Krabs

Don’t Look Now

S09-E11 Chapter 11 Don’t Look Now

Séance Shméance

S09-E12 Chapter 12 Séance Shméance

SpongeBob, You’re Fired

S09-E13 Chapter 13 SpongeBob, You’re Fired

It Came from Goo Lagoon

S09-E14 Chapter 14 It Came from Goo Lagoon

Kenny the Cat

S09-E15 Chapter 15 Kenny the Cat

Yeti Krabs

S09-E16 Chapter 16 Yeti Krabs

Lost in Bikini Bottom

S09-E17 Chapter 17 Lost in Bikini Bottom

Tutor Sauce

S09-E18 Chapter 18 Tutor Sauce

The Executive Treatment

S09-E19 Chapter 19 The Executive Treatment

Squid Plus One

S09-E20 Chapter 20 Squid Plus One

Pull Up a Barrel

S09-E21 Chapter 21 Pull Up a Barrel

Company Picnic

S09-E22 Chapter 22 Company Picnic

What's Eating Patrick?

S09-E23 Chapter 23 What's Eating Patrick?


S09-E24 Chapter 24 Sanctuary!

Patrick! The Game

S09-E25 Chapter 25 Patrick! The Game

The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

S09-E26 Chapter 26 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

SpongeBob LongPants

S09-E27 Chapter 27 SpongeBob LongPants

Larry's Gym

S09-E28 Chapter 28 Larry's Gym

Mall Girl Pearl

S09-E29 Chapter 29 Mall Girl Pearl

Two Thumbs Down

S09-E30 Chapter 30 Two Thumbs Down

The Fish Bowl

S09-E31 Chapter 31 The Fish Bowl

Married to Money

S09-E32 Chapter 32 Married to Money

Sharks vs. Pods

S09-E33 Chapter 33 Sharks vs. Pods

CopyBob DittoPants

S09-E34 Chapter 34 CopyBob DittoPants


S09-E35 Chapter 35 Sold!

Lame and Fortune

S09-E36 Chapter 36 Lame and Fortune

Sandy’s Nutmare

S09-E37 Chapter 37 Sandy’s Nutmare

Food Con Castaways

S09-E38 Chapter 38 Food Con Castaways

Pineapple Invasion

S09-E39 Chapter 39 Pineapple Invasion

Salsa Imbecilicus

S09-E40 Chapter 40 Salsa Imbecilicus

Bulletin Board

S09-E41 Chapter 41 Bulletin Board

Mutiny on the Krusty

S09-E42 Chapter 42 Mutiny on the Krusty


S09-E43 Chapter 43 Whirlybrains

Snail Mail

S09-E44 Chapter 44 Snail Mail


S09-E45 Chapter 45 MermaidPants

The Whole Tooth

S09-E46 Chapter 46 The Whole Tooth

Goodbye, Krabby Patty?

S09-E47 Chapter 47 Goodbye, Krabby Patty?

Mimic Madness

S10-E01 Chapter 1 Mimic Madness

House Worming

S10-E02 Chapter 2 House Worming

Snooze You Lose

S10-E03 Chapter 3 Snooze You Lose

Krusty Katering

S10-E04 Chapter 4 Krusty Katering

SpongeBob's Place

S10-E05 Chapter 5 SpongeBob's Place

Plankton Gets the Boot

S10-E06 Chapter 6 Plankton Gets the Boot

Life Insurance

S10-E07 Chapter 7 Life Insurance

Burst Your Bubble

S10-E08 Chapter 8 Burst Your Bubble

Plankton Retires

S10-E09 Chapter 9 Plankton Retires

Trident Trouble

S10-E10 Chapter 10 Trident Trouble

Unreal Estate

S10-E11 Chapter 11 Unreal Estate

Code Yellow

S10-E12 Chapter 12 Code Yellow

The Incredible Shrinking Sponge

S10-E13 Chapter 13 The Incredible Shrinking Sponge

The Getaway

S10-E14 Chapter 14 The Getaway

Lost and Found

S10-E15 Chapter 15 Lost and Found

Patrick's Coupon

S10-E16 Chapter 16 Patrick's Coupon

Out of the Picture

S10-E17 Chapter 17 Out of the Picture

Spot Returns

S10-E18 Chapter 18 Spot Returns

The Check-Up

S10-E19 Chapter 19 The Check-Up


S10-E20 Chapter 20 Sportz?

Spin the Bottle

S10-E21 Chapter 21 Spin the Bottle

Cave Dwelling Sponge

S11-E01 Chapter 1 Cave Dwelling Sponge

The Clam Whisperer

S11-E02 Chapter 2 The Clam Whisperer

Man Ray Returns

S11-E03 Chapter 3 Man Ray Returns

Larry the Floor Manager

S11-E04 Chapter 4 Larry the Floor Manager

Feral Friends

S11-E05 Chapter 5 Feral Friends

Don't Wake Patrick

S11-E06 Chapter 6 Don't Wake Patrick

The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom

S11-E07 Chapter 7 The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom

Krabby Patty Creature Feature

S11-E08 Chapter 8 Krabby Patty Creature Feature

Teacher's Pests

S11-E09 Chapter 9 Teacher's Pests

No Pictures, Please

S11-E10 Chapter 10 No Pictures, Please

Stuck on the Roof

S11-E11 Chapter 11 Stuck on the Roof

There's a Sponge in My Soup

S11-E12 Chapter 12 There's a Sponge in My Soup

Cuddle E. Hugs

S11-E13 Chapter 13 Cuddle E. Hugs


S11-E14 Chapter 14 ScavengerPants

Squid Noir

S11-E15 Chapter 15 Squid Noir

Pat the Horse

S11-E16 Chapter 16 Pat the Horse

Chatterbox Gary

S11-E17 Chapter 17 Chatterbox Gary

Don't Feed the Clowns

S11-E18 Chapter 18 Don't Feed the Clowns

Drive Happy

S11-E19 Chapter 19 Drive Happy

Old Man Patrick

S11-E20 Chapter 20 Old Man Patrick

Fun-Sized Friends

S11-E21 Chapter 21 Fun-Sized Friends

Grandmum's the Word

S11-E22 Chapter 22 Grandmum's the Word

Doodle Dimension

S11-E23 Chapter 23 Doodle Dimension

Moving Bubble Bass

S11-E24 Chapter 24 Moving Bubble Bass

Bunny Hunt

S11-E25 Chapter 25 Bunny Hunt

High Sea Diving

S11-E26 Chapter 26 High Sea Diving

Bottle Burglars

S11-E27 Chapter 27 Bottle Burglars

Sanitation Insanity

S11-E28 Chapter 28 Sanitation Insanity

My Leg!

S11-E29 Chapter 29 My Leg!

Ink Lemonade

S11-E30 Chapter 30 Ink Lemonade

Mustard O' Mine

S11-E31 Chapter 31 Mustard O' Mine

Whale Watching

S11-E32 Chapter 32 Whale Watching

Krusty Kleaners

S11-E33 Chapter 33 Krusty Kleaners


S11-E34 Chapter 34 Patnocchio


S11-E35 Chapter 35 ChefBob

Shopping List

S11-E36 Chapter 36 Shopping List

Library Cards

S11-E37 Chapter 37 Library Cards

Plankton Paranoia

S11-E38 Chapter 38 Plankton Paranoia

Call the Cops

S11-E39 Chapter 39 Call the Cops

The Grill Is Gone

S11-E40 Chapter 40 The Grill Is Gone

The Night Patty

S11-E41 Chapter 41 The Night Patty

Bubble Town

S11-E42 Chapter 42 Bubble Town

Appointment TV

S11-E43 Chapter 43 Appointment TV

Karen's Virus

S11-E44 Chapter 44 Karen's Virus

Girls' Night Out

S11-E45 Chapter 45 Girls' Night Out

Surf n' Turf

S11-E46 Chapter 46 Surf n' Turf


S11-E47 Chapter 47 FarmerBob

Squirrel Jelly

S11-E48 Chapter 48 Squirrel Jelly

The String

S11-E49 Chapter 49 The String

Goons on the Moon

S11-E50 Chapter 50 Goons on the Moon

The Nitwitting

S12-E01 Chapter 1 The Nitwitting

The Ballad of Filthy Muck

S12-E02 Chapter 2 The Ballad of Filthy Muck

The Krusty Slammer

S12-E03 Chapter 3 The Krusty Slammer

King Plankton

S12-E04 Chapter 4 King Plankton

Stormy Weather

S12-E05 Chapter 5 Stormy Weather

Sandy's Nutty Nieces

S12-E06 Chapter 6 Sandy's Nutty Nieces

Insecurity Guards

S12-E07 Chapter 7 Insecurity Guards

Broken Alarm

S12-E08 Chapter 8 Broken Alarm

Senior Discount

S12-E09 Chapter 9 Senior Discount

Gary & Spot

S12-E10 Chapter 10 Gary & Spot

Gary's Got Legs

S12-E11 Chapter 11 Gary's Got Legs

The Krusty Bucket

S12-E12 Chapter 12 The Krusty Bucket

Karen’s Baby

S12-E13 Chapter 13 Karen’s Baby

Mind the Gap

S12-E14 Chapter 14 Mind the Gap


S12-E15 Chapter 15 Breakin'

SpongeBob in RandomLand

S12-E16 Chapter 16 SpongeBob in RandomLand

SpongeBob's Bad Habit

S12-E17 Chapter 17 SpongeBob's Bad Habit

The Goofy Newbie

S12-E18 Chapter 18 The Goofy Newbie

Squid's on a Bus

S12-E19 Chapter 19 Squid's on a Bus

The Ghost of Plankton

S12-E20 Chapter 20 The Ghost of Plankton

A Cabin in the Kelp

S12-E21 Chapter 21 A Cabin in the Kelp

Dirty Bubble Returns

S12-E22 Chapter 22 Dirty Bubble Returns


S12-E23 Chapter 23 Handemonium

Plankton's Old Chum

S12-E24 Chapter 24 Plankton's Old Chum

The Hankering

S12-E25 Chapter 25 The Hankering

Escape from Beneath Glove World

S12-E26 Chapter 26 Escape from Beneath Glove World

Who R Zoo?

S12-E27 Chapter 27 Who R Zoo?

Biddy Sitting

S12-E28 Chapter 28 Biddy Sitting

Shell Games

S12-E29 Chapter 29 Shell Games

Jolly Lodgers

S12-E30 Chapter 30 Jolly Lodgers

Swamp Mates

S12-E31 Chapter 31 Swamp Mates

One Trick Sponge

S12-E32 Chapter 32 One Trick Sponge

SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout

S12-E33 Chapter 33 SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout

Boss for a Day

S12-E34 Chapter 34 Boss for a Day

Pineapple RV

S12-E35 Chapter 35 Pineapple RV

A Place for Pets

S13-E01 Chapter 1 A Place for Pets

Lockdown for love

S13-E02 Chapter 2 Lockdown for love

Krusty Koncessionaires

S13-E03 Chapter 3 Krusty Koncessionaires

Dream Hoppers

S13-E04 Chapter 4 Dream Hoppers

Lighthouse Louie

S13-E05 Chapter 5 Lighthouse Louie

Hiccup Plague

S13-E06 Chapter 6 Hiccup Plague