4 seasons - 22 episodes

Malcolm in the Middle

25m, Ended

S01-E01 Chapter 1 Pilot

Red Dress

S01-E02 Chapter 2 Red Dress

Home Alone 4

S01-E03 Chapter 3 Home Alone 4


S01-E04 Chapter 4 Shame

Malcolm Babysits

S01-E05 Chapter 5 Malcolm Babysits


S01-E06 Chapter 6 Sleepover

Francis Escapes

S01-E07 Chapter 7 Francis Escapes

Krelboyne Picnic

S01-E08 Chapter 8 Krelboyne Picnic

Lois vs. Evil

S01-E09 Chapter 9 Lois vs. Evil

Stock Car Races

S01-E10 Chapter 10 Stock Car Races


S01-E11 Chapter 11 Funeral


S01-E12 Chapter 12 Cheerleader


S01-E13 Chapter 13 Rollerskates

The Bots and the Bees

S01-E14 Chapter 14 The Bots and the Bees


S01-E15 Chapter 15 Smunday

Water Park (1)

S01-E16 Chapter 16 Water Park (1)

Traffic Jam (2)

S02-E01 Chapter 1 Traffic Jam (2)

Halloween Approximately

S02-E02 Chapter 2 Halloween Approximately

Lois's Birthday

S02-E03 Chapter 3 Lois's Birthday

Dinner Out

S02-E04 Chapter 4 Dinner Out


S02-E05 Chapter 5 Casino


S02-E06 Chapter 6 Convention


S02-E07 Chapter 7 Robbery


S02-E08 Chapter 8 Therapy

High School Play

S02-E09 Chapter 9 High School Play

The Bully

S02-E10 Chapter 10 The Bully

Old Mrs. Old

S02-E11 Chapter 11 Old Mrs. Old

Krelboyne Girl

S02-E12 Chapter 12 Krelboyne Girl

New Neighbors

S02-E13 Chapter 13 New Neighbors

Hal Quits

S02-E14 Chapter 14 Hal Quits

The Grandparents

S02-E15 Chapter 15 The Grandparents

Traffic Ticket

S02-E16 Chapter 16 Traffic Ticket


S02-E17 Chapter 17 Surgery

Reese Cooks

S02-E18 Chapter 18 Reese Cooks

Tutoring Reese

S02-E19 Chapter 19 Tutoring Reese


S02-E20 Chapter 20 Bowling

Malcolm vs. Reese

S02-E21 Chapter 21 Malcolm vs. Reese


S02-E22 Chapter 22 Mini-Bike


S02-E23 Chapter 23 Carnival


S02-E24 Chapter 24 Evacuation


S02-E25 Chapter 25 Flashback


S03-E01 Chapter 1 Houseboat


S03-E02 Chapter 2 Emancipation

Book Club

S03-E03 Chapter 3 Book Club

Malcolm's Girlfriend

S03-E04 Chapter 4 Malcolm's Girlfriend


S03-E05 Chapter 5 Charity

Health Scare

S03-E06 Chapter 6 Health Scare


S03-E07 Chapter 7 Christmas


S03-E08 Chapter 8 Poker

Reese's Job

S03-E09 Chapter 9 Reese's Job

Lois's Makeover

S03-E10 Chapter 10 Lois's Makeover

Company Picnic (1)

S03-E11 Chapter 11 Company Picnic (1)

Company Picnic (2)

S03-E12 Chapter 12 Company Picnic (2)

Reese Drives

S03-E13 Chapter 13 Reese Drives

Cynthia's Back

S03-E14 Chapter 14 Cynthia's Back

Hal's Birthday

S03-E15 Chapter 15 Hal's Birthday

Hal Coaches

S03-E16 Chapter 16 Hal Coaches

Dewey's Dog

S03-E17 Chapter 17 Dewey's Dog

Poker 2

S03-E18 Chapter 18 Poker 2

Clip Show

S03-E19 Chapter 19 Clip Show

Jury Duty

S03-E20 Chapter 20 Jury Duty


S03-E21 Chapter 21 Cliques


S03-E22 Chapter 22 Monkey


S04-E01 Chapter 1 Zoo


S04-E02 Chapter 2 Humilithon

Family Reunion

S04-E03 Chapter 3 Family Reunion

Stupid Girl

S04-E04 Chapter 4 Stupid Girl

Forwards Backwards

S04-E05 Chapter 5 Forwards Backwards

Forbidden Girlfriend

S04-E06 Chapter 6 Forbidden Girlfriend

Malcolm Holds His Tongue

S04-E07 Chapter 7 Malcolm Holds His Tongue

Boys at Ranch

S04-E08 Chapter 8 Boys at Ranch

Grandma Sues

S04-E09 Chapter 9 Grandma Sues

If Boys Were Girls

S04-E10 Chapter 10 If Boys Were Girls

Long Drive

S04-E11 Chapter 11 Long Drive

Kicked Out

S04-E12 Chapter 12 Kicked Out

Stereo Store

S04-E13 Chapter 13 Stereo Store

Hal's Friend

S04-E14 Chapter 14 Hal's Friend

Garage Sale

S04-E15 Chapter 15 Garage Sale

Academic Octathalon

S04-E16 Chapter 16 Academic Octathalon

Clip Show 2

S04-E17 Chapter 17 Clip Show 2

Reese's Party

S04-E18 Chapter 18 Reese's Party

Future Malcolm

S04-E19 Chapter 19 Future Malcolm

Baby (1)

S04-E20 Chapter 20 Baby (1)

Baby (2)

S04-E21 Chapter 21 Baby (2)

Day Care

S04-E22 Chapter 22 Day Care


S05-E01 Chapter 1 Vegas

Watching the Baby

S05-E02 Chapter 2 Watching the Baby

Goodbye Kitty

S05-E03 Chapter 3 Goodbye Kitty


S05-E04 Chapter 4 Thanksgiving

Malcolm Films Reese

S05-E05 Chapter 5 Malcolm Films Reese

Malcolm's Job

S05-E06 Chapter 6 Malcolm's Job

Christmas Trees

S05-E07 Chapter 7 Christmas Trees

Block Party

S05-E08 Chapter 8 Block Party

Dirty Magazine

S05-E09 Chapter 9 Dirty Magazine

Hot Tub

S05-E10 Chapter 10 Hot Tub

Ida's Boyfriend

S05-E11 Chapter 11 Ida's Boyfriend


S05-E12 Chapter 12 Softball

Lois's Sister

S05-E13 Chapter 13 Lois's Sister

Malcolm Dates a Family

S05-E14 Chapter 14 Malcolm Dates a Family

Reese's Apartment

S05-E15 Chapter 15 Reese's Apartment

Malcolm Visits College

S05-E16 Chapter 16 Malcolm Visits College

Polly in the Middle

S05-E17 Chapter 17 Polly in the Middle

Dewey's Special Class

S05-E18 Chapter 18 Dewey's Special Class


S05-E19 Chapter 19 Experiment

Victor's Other Family

S05-E20 Chapter 20 Victor's Other Family

Reese Joins The Army (1)

S05-E21 Chapter 21 Reese Joins The Army (1)

Reese Joins The Army (2)

S05-E22 Chapter 22 Reese Joins The Army (2)

Reese Comes Home (3)

S06-E01 Chapter 1 Reese Comes Home (3)

Buseys Run Away

S06-E02 Chapter 2 Buseys Run Away


S06-E03 Chapter 3 Standee

Pearl Harbor

S06-E04 Chapter 4 Pearl Harbor

Kitty's Back

S06-E05 Chapter 5 Kitty's Back

Hal's Christmas Gift

S06-E06 Chapter 6 Hal's Christmas Gift

Hal Sleepwalks

S06-E07 Chapter 7 Hal Sleepwalks

Lois Battles Jamie

S06-E08 Chapter 8 Lois Battles Jamie

Malcolm's Car

S06-E09 Chapter 9 Malcolm's Car


S06-E10 Chapter 10 Billboard

Dewey's Opera

S06-E11 Chapter 11 Dewey's Opera

Living Will

S06-E12 Chapter 12 Living Will

Tiki Lounge

S06-E13 Chapter 13 Tiki Lounge

Ida Loses A Leg

S06-E14 Chapter 14 Ida Loses A Leg

Chad's Sleepover

S06-E15 Chapter 15 Chad's Sleepover

No Motorcycles

S06-E16 Chapter 16 No Motorcycles


S06-E17 Chapter 17 Butterflies

Ida's Dance

S06-E18 Chapter 18 Ida's Dance

Motivational Seminar

S06-E19 Chapter 19 Motivational Seminar


S06-E20 Chapter 20 Stilts

Buseys Take a Hostage

S06-E21 Chapter 21 Buseys Take a Hostage

Mrs. Tri-County

S06-E22 Chapter 22 Mrs. Tri-County

Burning Man

S07-E01 Chapter 1 Burning Man

Health Insurance

S07-E02 Chapter 2 Health Insurance

Reese vs. Stevie

S07-E03 Chapter 3 Reese vs. Stevie


S07-E04 Chapter 4 Halloween

Jessica Stays Over

S07-E05 Chapter 5 Jessica Stays Over

Secret Boyfriend

S07-E06 Chapter 6 Secret Boyfriend


S07-E07 Chapter 7 Blackout

Army Buddy

S07-E08 Chapter 8 Army Buddy

Malcolm Defends Reese

S07-E09 Chapter 9 Malcolm Defends Reese

Malcolm's Money

S07-E10 Chapter 10 Malcolm's Money

Bride of Ida (1)

S07-E11 Chapter 11 Bride of Ida (1)

College Recruiters (2)

S07-E12 Chapter 12 College Recruiters (2)


S07-E13 Chapter 13 Mono

Hal Grieves

S07-E14 Chapter 14 Hal Grieves


S07-E15 Chapter 15 A.A.

Lois Strikes Back

S07-E16 Chapter 16 Lois Strikes Back

Hal's Dentist

S07-E17 Chapter 17 Hal's Dentist

Bomb Shelter

S07-E18 Chapter 18 Bomb Shelter

Stevie in the Hospital

S07-E19 Chapter 19 Stevie in the Hospital

Cattle Court

S07-E20 Chapter 20 Cattle Court


S07-E21 Chapter 21 Morp


S07-E22 Chapter 22 Graduation