1 seasons - 10 episodes

Diary of a Future President

30m, Returning Series
Hello World

S01-E01 Chapter 1 Hello World

The New Deal

S01-E02 Chapter 2 The New Deal

Disaster Relief

S01-E03 Chapter 3 Disaster Relief

The National Mall

S01-E04 Chapter 4 The National Mall


S01-E05 Chapter 5 Whistleblower

Habeas Corpus

S01-E06 Chapter 6 Habeas Corpus

Foreign Relations

S01-E07 Chapter 7 Foreign Relations

Matters of Diplomacy

S01-E08 Chapter 8 Matters of Diplomacy

State of the Union

S01-E09 Chapter 9 State of the Union

Two Party System

S01-E10 Chapter 10 Two Party System

Back In Session

S02-E01 Chapter 1 Back In Session

Swing State

S02-E02 Chapter 2 Swing State

Episode 3

S02-E03 Chapter 3 Episode 3

United Nations

S02-E04 Chapter 4 United Nations

The National Stage

S02-E05 Chapter 5 The National Stage

Brain Trust

S02-E06 Chapter 6 Brain Trust

Quid Pro Quo

S02-E07 Chapter 7 Quid Pro Quo

Supreme Court Injustice

S02-E08 Chapter 8 Supreme Court Injustice

First Gentleman

S02-E09 Chapter 9 First Gentleman

October Surprise

S02-E10 Chapter 10 October Surprise