3 seasons - 23 episodes

Chicago Fire

42m, Returning Series

S01-E01 Chapter 1 Pilot

Mon Amour

S01-E02 Chapter 2 Mon Amour

Professional Courtesy

S01-E03 Chapter 3 Professional Courtesy

One Minute

S01-E04 Chapter 4 One Minute

Hanging On

S01-E05 Chapter 5 Hanging On

Rear View Mirror

S01-E06 Chapter 6 Rear View Mirror

Two Families

S01-E07 Chapter 7 Two Families

Leaving the Station

S01-E08 Chapter 8 Leaving the Station

It Ain't Easy

S01-E09 Chapter 9 It Ain't Easy

Merry Christmas, Etc.

S01-E10 Chapter 10 Merry Christmas, Etc.

God Has Spoken

S01-E11 Chapter 11 God Has Spoken

Under the Knife

S01-E12 Chapter 12 Under the Knife

Warm and Dead

S01-E13 Chapter 13 Warm and Dead

A Little Taste

S01-E14 Chapter 14 A Little Taste


S01-E15 Chapter 15 Nazdarovya!


S01-E16 Chapter 16 Viral

Better to Lie

S01-E17 Chapter 17 Better to Lie


S01-E18 Chapter 18 Fireworks

A Coffin That Small

S01-E19 Chapter 19 A Coffin That Small


S01-E20 Chapter 20 Ambition

Retaliation Hit

S01-E21 Chapter 21 Retaliation Hit

Leaders Lead

S01-E22 Chapter 22 Leaders Lead

Let Her Go

S01-E23 Chapter 23 Let Her Go

A Hell of a Ride

S01-E24 Chapter 24 A Hell of a Ride

A Problem House

S02-E01 Chapter 1 A Problem House

Prove It

S02-E02 Chapter 2 Prove It

Defcon 1

S02-E03 Chapter 3 Defcon 1

A Nuisance Call

S02-E04 Chapter 4 A Nuisance Call

A Power Move

S02-E05 Chapter 5 A Power Move


S02-E06 Chapter 6 Joyriding

No Regrets

S02-E07 Chapter 7 No Regrets

Rhymes with Shout

S02-E08 Chapter 8 Rhymes with Shout

You Will Hurt Him

S02-E09 Chapter 9 You Will Hurt Him

Not Like This

S02-E10 Chapter 10 Not Like This

Shoved in My Face

S02-E11 Chapter 11 Shoved in My Face

Out with a Bang

S02-E12 Chapter 12 Out with a Bang

Tonight's the Night

S02-E13 Chapter 13 Tonight's the Night

Virgin Skin

S02-E14 Chapter 14 Virgin Skin

Keep Your Mouth Shut

S02-E15 Chapter 15 Keep Your Mouth Shut

A Rocket Blasting Off

S02-E16 Chapter 16 A Rocket Blasting Off

When Things Got Rough

S02-E17 Chapter 17 When Things Got Rough

Until Your Feet Leave the Ground

S02-E18 Chapter 18 Until Your Feet Leave the Ground

A Heavy Weight

S02-E19 Chapter 19 A Heavy Weight

A Dark Day (I)

S02-E20 Chapter 20 A Dark Day (I)

One More Shot

S02-E21 Chapter 21 One More Shot

Real Never Waits

S02-E22 Chapter 22 Real Never Waits


S03-E01 Chapter 1 Always

Wow Me

S03-E02 Chapter 2 Wow Me

Just Drive the Truck

S03-E03 Chapter 3 Just Drive the Truck

Apologies are Dangerous

S03-E04 Chapter 4 Apologies are Dangerous

The Nuclear Option

S03-E05 Chapter 5 The Nuclear Option

Madmen and Fools

S03-E06 Chapter 6 Madmen and Fools

Nobody Touches Anything (I)

S03-E07 Chapter 7 Nobody Touches Anything (I)


S03-E08 Chapter 8 Chopper

Arrest in Transit

S03-E09 Chapter 9 Arrest in Transit

Santa Bites

S03-E10 Chapter 10 Santa Bites

Let Him Die

S03-E11 Chapter 11 Let Him Die

Ambush Predator

S03-E12 Chapter 12 Ambush Predator

Three Bells (I)

S03-E13 Chapter 13 Three Bells (I)

Call It Paradise

S03-E14 Chapter 14 Call It Paradise

Headlong Toward Disaster

S03-E15 Chapter 15 Headlong Toward Disaster

Red Rag the Bull

S03-E16 Chapter 16 Red Rag the Bull

Forgive You Anything

S03-E17 Chapter 17 Forgive You Anything

Forgiving, Relentless, Unconditional

S03-E18 Chapter 18 Forgiving, Relentless, Unconditional

I Am the Apocalypse

S03-E19 Chapter 19 I Am the Apocalypse

You Know Where to Find Me

S03-E20 Chapter 20 You Know Where to Find Me

We Called Her Jellybean (I)

S03-E21 Chapter 21 We Called Her Jellybean (I)

Category 5

S03-E22 Chapter 22 Category 5


S03-E23 Chapter 23 Spartacus

Let It Burn

S04-E01 Chapter 1 Let It Burn

A Taste of Panama City

S04-E02 Chapter 2 A Taste of Panama City

I Walk Away

S04-E03 Chapter 3 I Walk Away

Your Day Is Coming

S04-E04 Chapter 4 Your Day Is Coming

Regarding This Wedding

S04-E05 Chapter 5 Regarding This Wedding


S04-E06 Chapter 6 2112

Sharp Elbows

S04-E07 Chapter 7 Sharp Elbows

When Tortoises Fly

S04-E08 Chapter 8 When Tortoises Fly

Short and Fat

S04-E09 Chapter 9 Short and Fat

The Beating Heart (I)

S04-E10 Chapter 10 The Beating Heart (I)

The Path of Destruction

S04-E11 Chapter 11 The Path of Destruction

Not Everyone Makes It

S04-E12 Chapter 12 Not Everyone Makes It

The Sky Is Falling

S04-E13 Chapter 13 The Sky Is Falling

All Hard Parts

S04-E14 Chapter 14 All Hard Parts

Bad for the Soul

S04-E15 Chapter 15 Bad for the Soul

Two Ts

S04-E16 Chapter 16 Two Ts

What Happened to Courtney

S04-E17 Chapter 17 What Happened to Courtney

On the Warpath

S04-E18 Chapter 18 On the Warpath

I Will Be Walking

S04-E19 Chapter 19 I Will Be Walking

The Last One for Mom

S04-E20 Chapter 20 The Last One for Mom

Kind of a Crazy Idea

S04-E21 Chapter 21 Kind of a Crazy Idea

Where the Collapse Started

S04-E22 Chapter 22 Where the Collapse Started


S04-E23 Chapter 23 Superhero

The Hose or the Animal

S05-E01 Chapter 1 The Hose or the Animal

A Real Wake-Up Call

S05-E02 Chapter 2 A Real Wake-Up Call

Scorched Earth

S05-E03 Chapter 3 Scorched Earth

Nobody Else Is Dying Today

S05-E04 Chapter 4 Nobody Else Is Dying Today

I Held Her Hand

S05-E05 Chapter 5 I Held Her Hand

That Day

S05-E06 Chapter 6 That Day

Lift Each Other

S05-E07 Chapter 7 Lift Each Other

One Hundred

S05-E08 Chapter 8 One Hundred

Some Make It, Some Don't (1)

S05-E09 Chapter 9 Some Make It, Some Don't (1)

The People We Meet

S05-E10 Chapter 10 The People We Meet

Who Lives and Who Dies

S05-E11 Chapter 11 Who Lives and Who Dies

An Agent of the Machine

S05-E12 Chapter 12 An Agent of the Machine

Trading in Scuttlebutt

S05-E13 Chapter 13 Trading in Scuttlebutt


S05-E14 Chapter 14 Purgatory

Deathtrap (I)

S05-E15 Chapter 15 Deathtrap (I)

Telling Her Goodbye

S05-E16 Chapter 16 Telling Her Goodbye

Babies and Fools

S05-E17 Chapter 17 Babies and Fools

Take a Knee

S05-E18 Chapter 18 Take a Knee

Carry Their Legacy

S05-E19 Chapter 19 Carry Their Legacy

Carry Me

S05-E20 Chapter 20 Carry Me

Sixty Days

S05-E21 Chapter 21 Sixty Days

My Miracle

S05-E22 Chapter 22 My Miracle

It Wasn't Enough

S06-E01 Chapter 1 It Wasn't Enough

Ignite on Contact

S06-E02 Chapter 2 Ignite on Contact

An Even Bigger Surprise

S06-E03 Chapter 3 An Even Bigger Surprise

A Breaking Point

S06-E04 Chapter 4 A Breaking Point

Devil's Bargain

S06-E05 Chapter 5 Devil's Bargain

Down Is Better

S06-E06 Chapter 6 Down Is Better

A Man's Legacy

S06-E07 Chapter 7 A Man's Legacy

The Whole Point of Being Roommates

S06-E08 Chapter 8 The Whole Point of Being Roommates

Foul Is Fair

S06-E09 Chapter 9 Foul Is Fair


S06-E10 Chapter 10 Slamigan

Law of the Jungle

S06-E11 Chapter 11 Law of the Jungle

The F Is For

S06-E12 Chapter 12 The F Is For

Hiding Not Seeking (II)

S06-E13 Chapter 13 Hiding Not Seeking (II)

Looking for a Lifeline

S06-E14 Chapter 14 Looking for a Lifeline

The Chance to Forgive

S06-E15 Chapter 15 The Chance to Forgive

The One That Matters Most

S06-E16 Chapter 16 The One That Matters Most

Put White On Me

S06-E17 Chapter 17 Put White On Me

When They See Us Coming

S06-E18 Chapter 18 When They See Us Coming

Where I Want to Be

S06-E19 Chapter 19 Where I Want to Be

The Strongest Among Us

S06-E20 Chapter 20 The Strongest Among Us

The Unrivaled Standard

S06-E21 Chapter 21 The Unrivaled Standard

One for the Ages

S06-E22 Chapter 22 One for the Ages

The Grand Gesture

S06-E23 Chapter 23 The Grand Gesture

A Closer Eye

S07-E01 Chapter 1 A Closer Eye

Going to War (I)

S07-E02 Chapter 2 Going to War (I)

Thirty Percent Sleight of Hand

S07-E03 Chapter 3 Thirty Percent Sleight of Hand

This Isn't Charity

S07-E04 Chapter 4 This Isn't Charity

A Volatile Mixture

S07-E05 Chapter 5 A Volatile Mixture

All the Proof

S07-E06 Chapter 6 All the Proof

What Will Define You

S07-E07 Chapter 7 What Will Define You

The Solution to Everything

S07-E08 Chapter 8 The Solution to Everything

Always a Catch

S07-E09 Chapter 9 Always a Catch

Inside These Walls

S07-E10 Chapter 10 Inside These Walls

You Choose

S07-E11 Chapter 11 You Choose

Make This Right

S07-E12 Chapter 12 Make This Right

The Plunge

S07-E13 Chapter 13 The Plunge

It Wasn't About Hockey

S07-E14 Chapter 14 It Wasn't About Hockey

What I Saw (I)

S07-E15 Chapter 15 What I Saw (I)

Fault in Him

S07-E16 Chapter 16 Fault in Him

Move a Wall

S07-E17 Chapter 17 Move a Wall

No Such Thing as Bad Luck

S07-E18 Chapter 18 No Such Thing as Bad Luck

Until the Weather Breaks

S07-E19 Chapter 19 Until the Weather Breaks

Try Like Hell

S07-E20 Chapter 20 Try Like Hell

The White Whale

S07-E21 Chapter 21 The White Whale

I'm Not Leaving You

S07-E22 Chapter 22 I'm Not Leaving You

Sacred Ground

S08-E01 Chapter 1 Sacred Ground

A Real Shot in the Arm

S08-E02 Chapter 2 A Real Shot in the Arm


S08-E03 Chapter 3 Badlands

Infection (I)

S08-E04 Chapter 4 Infection (I)

Buckle Up

S08-E05 Chapter 5 Buckle Up

What Went Wrong

S08-E06 Chapter 6 What Went Wrong

Welcome to Crazytown

S08-E07 Chapter 7 Welcome to Crazytown

Seeing Is Believing

S08-E08 Chapter 8 Seeing Is Believing

Best Friend Magic

S08-E09 Chapter 9 Best Friend Magic

Hold Our Ground

S08-E10 Chapter 10 Hold Our Ground

Where We End Up

S08-E11 Chapter 11 Where We End Up

Then Nick Porter Happened

S08-E12 Chapter 12 Then Nick Porter Happened

A Chicago Welcome

S08-E13 Chapter 13 A Chicago Welcome

Shut It Down

S08-E14 Chapter 14 Shut It Down

Off the Grid (I)

S08-E15 Chapter 15 Off the Grid (I)

The Tendency of a Drowning Victim

S08-E16 Chapter 16 The Tendency of a Drowning Victim

Protect a Child

S08-E17 Chapter 17 Protect a Child

I'll Cover You

S08-E18 Chapter 18 I'll Cover You

Light Things Up

S08-E19 Chapter 19 Light Things Up

51's Original Bell

S08-E20 Chapter 20 51's Original Bell

Rattle Second City

S09-E01 Chapter 1 Rattle Second City

That Kind of Heat

S09-E02 Chapter 2 That Kind of Heat

Smash Therapy

S09-E03 Chapter 3 Smash Therapy

Funny What Things Remind Us

S09-E04 Chapter 4 Funny What Things Remind Us

My Lucky Day

S09-E05 Chapter 5 My Lucky Day

Blow This Up Somehow

S09-E06 Chapter 6 Blow This Up Somehow

Dead of Winter

S09-E07 Chapter 7 Dead of Winter

Escape Route

S09-E08 Chapter 8 Escape Route

Double Red

S09-E09 Chapter 9 Double Red

One Crazy Shift

S09-E10 Chapter 10 One Crazy Shift

A Couple Hundred Degrees

S09-E11 Chapter 11 A Couple Hundred Degrees

Natural Born Firefighter

S09-E12 Chapter 12 Natural Born Firefighter

Don't Hang Up

S09-E13 Chapter 13 Don't Hang Up

What Comes Next

S09-E14 Chapter 14 What Comes Next

A White-Knuckle Panic

S09-E15 Chapter 15 A White-Knuckle Panic

No Survivors

S09-E16 Chapter 16 No Survivors


S10-E01 Chapter 1 Mayday

Head Count

S10-E02 Chapter 2 Head Count

Counting Your Breaths

S10-E03 Chapter 3 Counting Your Breaths

The Right Thing

S10-E04 Chapter 4 The Right Thing

Two Hundred

S10-E05 Chapter 5 Two Hundred

Dead Zone

S10-E06 Chapter 6 Dead Zone

Whom Shall I Fear?

S10-E07 Chapter 7 Whom Shall I Fear?

What Happened At Whiskey Point?

S10-E08 Chapter 8 What Happened At Whiskey Point?